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With the 2022 wedding season coming to an end, it is time to gear up for 2023. After two years of endless rescheduling, planning, and backup planning with backup backup planning, and everything else a COVID era wedding could bring, normal is finally on the horizon. In addition to the wedding classics, guests will be treated to some fun, funky, and festive personal surprises at weddings they will attend in 2023. The wedding concierge experts here at EventRoostr and The Falls Banquet are here to make your 2023 wedding dreams come true. Whether on a budget or ready to splurge, we can guide you on standing out this year! You can even head over to to grab some of the most in-demand items for the upcoming 2023 season. Check it out before they sell out!

Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are the top way to personalize a wedding. They serve double duty as a fun visual in the reception space and the place for guest photos with the happy couple. And the best part is that they can be anything! From the couple’s initials to their new family name, the sky’s the limit for a marquee sign. (Bonus – a personalized sign can be home decor after the festivities!) These giant marquee letters come in various sizes, from 3ft marquee letters to 4ft marquee letters and 5ft marquee letters. These large light up letters can be vintage marquee letters or metal marquee letters. Here at EventRoostr, we have experience in this upcoming wedding trend for 2023 and can offer advice on which style will best fit your wedding look and dream. You can even snag your dream marquee letters right here from us at!

Decorative Chairs

Every wedding and reception need chairs, why not make them stand out?! Some venues limit couples in what they can use for decorations, but there are fewer limits on what they can have for chairs. If you find yourself with restrictions, explore your options for fun chairs! Rental companies can help you source chairs, from the classic chiavari chairs painted in fun colors to acrylic chairs for an edgy look, or even fabric chairs, so your guests have a comfy place to rest from their fun on the dance floor. Color, material, and even shape are all options to explore and add a memorable touch to your space. Remember, with EventRoostr, we are here to make your dream wedding come true! If we don’t have something you really want, let us know. We excel at creating your dream wedding.

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are not just for winemaking. They make an excellent decor option for both your ceremony and your reception. They are a versatile and economical item with old-world charm, perfect for a couple on a budget. You can add a top to them and make them a cocktail table. Get the barrels cut in half to use as bar coolers or a place for guests to place their cards and gifts. They are a beautiful planter option for both the ceremony and reception. You can even add them to backdrops for photographs! They are so versatile that you can use them in classic and rustic weddings in 2023. Here at EventRoostr, we even have barrels you can rent to save you money! Check out for more info. Remember, we have team members always on hand to help you with a personalized decor consultation! 


Lighting takes a basic-looking ordinary space and makes it extraordinary. If you have the venue and the budget to bring a light game, do it! You can have large light up letters, diffused lighting, rope lighting, overhead lighting, DJ lighting, stage lighting, and mood lighting (think candles, votives, and candelabras). While you may not give lighting much thought, it is worth it for the vibe you are looking to create. Lighting can be used in limited ways such as large lighted marquee letters or in bold ways such as rope lighting used throughout the ceremony and reception venues. You can set that fairytale wedding vibe with floating votive candles, giant pillar candles, or even magical candle candelabras. Lighting is often overlooked, but it is worth a second look. Our lighting experts at EventRoostr are here to assist you! Remember lighting. It is another way to create a fun color and set the tone for the big day. 

Family Treasures

Not only is a wedding bringing two people in love together, but it is also bringing together their families, and communities. Finding authentic, memorable opportunities to show this union is a sure way to make everyone feel welcomed and loved. Options include using great-grandma’s lace doilies as tabletop decorations or a table of photos of loved ones who passed. You can use old books to create a vintage feel with printed favorite quotes. You can use old coins in decor. If you have a family seashell collection, you can use them to evoke a beachy feel to your nuptials. Antiques can also increase the rustic feel of your dream rustic wedding. With, we offer new family treasures to weave into your big day, from Mr. & Mrs. champagne glasses, luggage tags, passport holders, and pillows. These items can become your own family heirlooms for your kids’ future weddings. 


Sometimes, budgets can be tight. We at EventRoostr totally get it! We want you to make your dream wedding happen and are happy to offer suggestions on where you can DIY. While coming up with your dream wedding plans, think about people in your life that can maybe help out! Is there a handy dad? Perhaps he can make your arch (and it can be a great feature in your home yard!). Does your future spouse’s aunt sow? Maybe she can create the veil of your dreams. Your friends and family are all great sources to make your dreams come true. Need help DIY bouquets? Get family and friends to pick them up from a local warehouse store and create them at the venue! Need to DIY your table settings? Your wedding party can help out big time. Remember, the people at your wedding are there to celebrate you, so they totally get the wedding day jitters you may feel. 

Let’s Go Somewhere!

After two years of being trapped at home, a wedding is a perfect excuse for a vacation! Finding a place that means something to you and your future spouse but also has exciting perks is a sure way for a memorable wedding event. We at EventRoostr feel you! While we know you will love The Falls Banquet, should your dream wedding include a destination, we are happy to facilitate that! Starting soon, we will be unveiling a new product to make all your wedding dreams come true right from the comfort of your own laptop and our dedicated wedding expert concierge. Stay tuned to for more info! 

Wear What You Want

There is no rule that says a bride should wear a white dress. Nor does it say a man should wear a suit. This is YOUR day, so wear something that reflects you. Maybe it is a chic, white pantsuit for the bride or a kilt for the groom. You want to be your most authentic self the day you marry. Maybe take it a step further and extend the same options to your wedding party. Maybe your bridesmaids all wear the same color but in styles that fit them. Or everyone wears the same style of dress in different shades of your wedding colors. Remember, you can also set the tone with the attire your guests wear. In 2023 the sky is the limit for developing the look of your big day! At The Falls Banquet, we have seen very formal weddings to very casual ones. Let the experts at EventRoostr know what you are looking for. We can set the Falls Banquet vibe to your expectations. 


Maybe your guests need a break from the dance floor. Why not give them some fun table or yard games to play?! If you have the space, you can even do lawn games. From table games, connect four or wooden peg games to more complex games such as Jenga or Yahtzee. You can play cornhole, horseshoes, or ladder toss for more team-based games in the yard. Should you have the space, lawn games such as croquet or single-drive golf can be great options. Should your crew be more athletic, you can have badminton, volleyball, softball, and even touch football. These give your family and friends more opportunities to interact with one another, and maybe you will learn something new about them!


Traditional wedding cakes always have a place, but if you or your future spouse do not like cake, then why have it? A candy bar, donut wall, or char-cookierie boards will satisfy your sweet tooth and bring the extra touch to your day. Our chef at The Falls Banquet can make any sweet dream become a reality. Just let us know here at EventRoostr, and we will work to make the desserts one of the more memorable aspects of your big day. 

As we gear up for the 2023 wedding season, many options exist to make your big day shine. So whether you jump on these new wedding trends or stick to the classics, EventRoostr is here to help. We cannot wait to see how you make your day perfect.