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Most venue spaces are a blank slate for any function with benefits and challenges. A fun way to spice up your wedding or reception space is lighting. Great lighting sets any mood, from fun and vibrant to sleek and sexy. and the team over at EventRoostr have the know-how and expertise to assist you with all your indoor lighting needs. Be sure to ask them for a decor consultation, and remember your day should reflect you. Here are some small and big ways you can light your space!

Lit Signs

In today’s world of social media and capturing every moment, every party needs an area perfect for photos. So think capturable moments. In addition to bringing in fun backdrops or textures, you can incorporate a fun, lit sign. There are many companies out there making signs from “Marry Me” to “Love.” There are others who make custom signs, and you can put your favorite quote or Mr. & Mrs. in lights. Should you decide to purchase any of these items, they can be repurposed to find a permanent place in your home! As an added bonus, these custom signs can find a permanent place in your home! You have some flexibility with how bright (or not bright) you want your sign to be, so be sure to consider your overall needs and look. 

Rather than purchasing lit signs and bringing them onsite to your venue, EventRoostr has created a novel rental program to assist you with these large items. Head over to to shop for all types of lit sign rentals. Large letter lights like love marquee letters or a ” marry me ” sign can make a statement. With marquee letters for wedding, you can have large light up letters. They come in 3ft marquee letters, 4ft marquee letters, and 5 ft marquee letters. These big marquee letters can be black marquee letters, metal marquee letters, or vintage marquee letters. 

Lit signs have a lot of versatility in design and use. Your mood and Pinterest boards can be beneficial in considering the look and feel you are going for. Be sure to examine your options and keep an open mind to style and size. Your venue space and layout will go a long way in helping you determine the best location and look to make your special day all that much more special! 


Overhead lights can sometimes wash out your space and decorations. Strategically placed lighting around the room subtly brightens the area while also setting the vibe. There are so many options when it comes to uplighting. You can go for glowy and subtle or bold and bright. You can have pillar uplighting that focuses on a specific vertical area, or you can have fan uplighting that starts small and fans out as it increases in height. Both forms of uplighting can create vertical visual appeal and highlight specific areas of your venue space. Uplighting color is another crucial factor. You should consider the color mood you are attempting to set when you choose your uplighting. Bright, crisp white light versus warm yellow or orange light. Cool lighting such as blue or violet can create a calming and whimsical effect. In contrast, green and red lighting can feel otherworldly. 

Consider the size of your space, areas that may need more light than others (such as tables or walkways), and other lighting already in the room (string lights over a dance floor) when deciding how to use uplighting in your space. Another thing to consider is where the lights will be located. Lights shining up a wall will provide stationary, consistent light. Still, if the lamps are made with fabric, you will have some subtle movement. You can have more movement with draping fabrics such as silks and satins that also play with sheen and shine. This can also soften the overall look of any harsh walls while providing visual breaks in space. Remember, uplighting draws the eyes up, so use it where you want to add some visual dimensionality to your venue. EventRoostr wedding decor consultants are always available to help! 

Flameless Candles

Many venues no longer allow open flames, so flameless candles are to the rescue! There are dozens of options on the market these days. You can choose colored candles to coordinate with your centerpieces that can either have a classy glow or a fun flicker. The options are endless, from large pillar candles arranged in groups of three or five to small votives. Look at the many options out there and envision where you would like to add that special candle-like glow to your indoor decor. Since they are flameless, they can go anywhere! Candles in lanterns can line your aisle or walkways without a concern of candles going out or getting knocked over. You can also place these candles into vases and layer them on your venue tables. 

Extra-large pillar style can stand alone to mark areas for those extra special capturable moments. Tall taper-style candles can go in vintage candleholders and candlesticks to create a truly intimate feel for each table. At the same time, a hung candelabra can recreate a classic fairytale feel to your indoor space. Clip-on candlesticks can be placed on chiavari chairs, wedding, or the ledge of bookshelves or tables. You can even fill wine barrel decor with candles to create a memorable moment for guests. Flameless candles are also an easy accent for your dessert or gift tables. Use them as part of the dessert tablescape. You can place them between cupcakes or donuts and around your wedding cake. The options include traditional wax colors and nontraditional colors. So be bold! Find the complementary color candle, so when the lights are on, they provide a pop of color to your space. And when the lights go off, they glow luminous hues of reds, blues, purples, golds, or whatever your dream wedding desires may be. 

String Lights

String lights have come a long way from holiday decorations! There is always an opportunity to use string lights for your wedding or reception. String lights are versatile enough to be incorporated anywhere from your guest tables to the dance floor. The options are endless. You can hang them from the ceiling to create an icicle-type look or use them to create the appearance of a starry sky. You can wrap them around real and fake indoor trees to create an outdoor ambiance. Use smaller lights for a romantic look or Edison bulbs to light up your rustic space. They can hang across your venue ceilings or provide a backdrop for your picture area. For an evening event, string lights can illuminate walkways for your guests. You can drape them over chairs and have battery-powered ones on your reception tables. Play around with bulb size, color, string length, and plug-in versus battery. Be sure to look into rope-style string lights that come as LEDs. These nifty lights can change colors and offer an entirely different feel to your indoor lighting decor. Finally, you can get neon-style rope lights to recreate the look of neon signs, creating hearts, words, and simple images to give your big day a truly unique look. The possibilities for string lights are genuinely endless. 

Lit Focalpoint 

Consider the concept of the lit centerpiece if you have a significant focal point in your venue, such as an indoor tree, a wedding cake tower, or large vertical floral arrangements. The lit centerpiece creates a visual and illuminated focal point for you and your guests to remember your big day. For example, you can use string light wrapped around an indoor tree, and you can use warm glowing lights under a table coupled with spotlighting to highlight your masterpiece wedding cake. Or you can use thin, ephemeral layered lights inside your floral centerpieces combined with flameless candles or lanterns to create a mood at each table. This part can be really creative and very memorable. Do not be afraid to think outside the box for lit focal points they can really pay dividends towards creating those moments you crave. 

Lighting is a significant part of your wedding day – do not compromise on it! It sets the tone for your day in ways that other decorations cannot. Do not be afraid to layer lighting with whimsical string lights around flameless candles or pillar uplighting with rope lights. With a lit centerpiece or subtle glow, there are many ways to make your big day shine with lights. Feel free to experiment and when in doubt, explore and be sure to ask your decor consultant at EventRoostr for help – they are on hand to assist you and know the ins and outs of lighting at their venues.