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Most weddings have the same essential parts – tables, chairs, tablecloths, and centerpieces. But how do you make your big day stand out from the rest? Make it personal and practical! This starts from the beginning as you send out save-the-dates or share your engagement photos that you can carry all the way to your big day. Over at, they have the in-demand trends to satisfy all of your dream moods and Pinterest board desires. Check out their rustic wedding decor. It fulfills that big fast rustic wedding fantasy, or check out wine barrel decor if you want to elevate your wedding to the next level. They also have marquee sign letters, the #1 hot ticket item for the upcoming wedding season. So without further ado, here are the trending wedding signs and decor for your upcoming nuptials. 


Custom signs are the HOT item of this upcoming season, and wedding parties are rushing to incorporate them. offers marquee rentals and marquis letters for purchase. Make a sign with your and your future spouse’s names and wedding date. The sky is the limit for what you would like to spell out, from love marquee letters to a marry me sign, be imaginative; your capturable moments will stand out. Signs aren’t just limited to grad marquee letters; you can use them as props for your engagement photos, so they are on display at your ceremony bringing together two momentous days for you and your guests. A big bonus is they make fantastic home decor above a mantle or on a wall. This way, they can be part of your home for years to come. For your big day, mirrors or chalkboards are an easy way to direct your guests through the festivities, serving as directions, menus, or other information. Lit signs can be incorporated in various ways (more on that below!)

Photo Booths & Backdrops

Capturable moments are all the rage, as they should be! To capture those big and small moments in today’s age of social media, focus on focal points. Vintage photobooths offer a thoughtful way of incorporating memorable capturable moments into your big day. Photobooths provide an entertaining way to mix-and-match styles. You can have vintage-style photos, Instagram-style photos, Polaroid-style photos, and even photos with fun filters. Add some theme props for your guests, and the capturable moments are taken to the next level entirely. These booths can be rented to accommodate one or a group of guests, offering endless fun and funky photo opportunities. These photos can serve you and your spouse well after your big day, as they will show sides of the guests’ experience you will likely have been far too busy to notice. 

You can create the perfect photo space for backdrops and focal points for you and your guests. For example, if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception, have large letter cutouts that can be placed in an area where your guests can take photos. For your indoor options, create a focal wall that reflects the theme of your wedding. You can also incorporate a sign with your and your spouse’s names or simple phrases such as “Marry Me” or “Celebrate.” You can also use lighting and decor to stage a focal point. Play around with these options to really create what you want to see in your wedding photos. 

Decorative Chairs

Every wedding and reception needs chairs, so why not make them stand out?! Some venues limit couples in what they can use for decorations, but there are fewer limits on what they can have for chairs. If you find yourself with restrictions, explore your options for fun chairs! There are numerous vendors out there that can help you source chairs. even lets you rent directly from them! They have classic chiavari chairs and some other fun options as well. When you want to make your space that extra special, look to colored chiavari chairs or acrylic ones for a modern yet sophisticated look. Cushions offer yet another way to customize the feel of your wedding and offer comfort after a long flight on the dance floor. 

Set those moods and Pinterest boards to play around with color, material, and even shape. There are endless options to explore and add a memorable touch to your space. Remember, with EventRoostr, we are here to make your dream wedding come true! So let us know if we don’t have something you really want. 

Wine Barrels

One of 2023’s top trends in wine barrels. These rustic beauties aren’t just for winemaking. They can be used in any manner of ways. This is why they have become a hot ticket item! Wine barrels evoke the beauty of Tuscany, Provence, Napa, and Sonoma. They can be aged or new, offering a texture contrast for you to play around with. Some even come stamped with types of wood, vineyard, or type of grape. These features all add a feeling of authenticity to the wine barrels. When you want to use them for your decor needs, check out mood and Pinterest boards for ideas. We suggest adding some decor to them and adapting them to your needs. Perfect in both the ceremony and the reception, these bad boys are versatile and economical. They make ideal coffee tables and cocktail tables. Half barrels can be filled with decor such as candles or used as coolers. They can hold gifts from or for guests. And best of all, they can be used as planters and focal points for those capturable moments. 

They are so versatile that you can use them in classic and rustic weddings in 2023. even has barrels you can rent to save you money! Check out to find out more info. 


2023 offers revolutionary lighting opportunities. LED technology has advanced dramatically, allowing your ordinary space to become extraordinary. While you may not give lighting much thought, it is worth it for the vibe you are looking to create. Lighting can be used in limited ways such as large lighted marquee letters or in bold ways such as rope lighting used throughout the ceremony and reception venues. Lighting provides a way to customize your wedding in very unique ways. The lighting world is vast, from uplighting to rope, string, spot, hanging, too wrapped, DJ, overhead, stationary, and moving. Consult your mood and Pinterest boards and build out that vibe of your dreams! And as always, the lighting experts at EventRoostr are here to assist you!

Family Treasures

After the pandemic and the wedding hiatus, family has never been more valued by couples looking to tie the knot. 2023 offers a very poignant trend of incorporating family treasures and heirlooms into the wedding ceremony and venue. From lace doilies to photos of family members no longer with us – showcasing family is HOT! An added bonus is that by finding those authentic, memorable treasures, you show everyone in attendance who is welcomed and loved. With, you can shop for new family treasures for your nuptials. Mr. & Mrs. champagne glasses, luggage tags, passport holders, and pillows. 


Sometimes, budgets can be tight. We at EventRoostr totally get it! We want you to make your dream wedding happen and are happy to offer suggestions on where you can DIY. While coming up with your dream wedding plans, think about people in your life that can maybe help out! Is there a handy dad? Perhaps he can make your arch (and it can be a great feature in your home yard!). Does your future spouse’s aunt sow? Maybe she can create the veil of your dreams. Your friends and family are all great sources to make your dreams come true. Need help DIY bouquets? Get family and friends to pick them up from a local warehouse store and create them at the venue! Need to DIY your table settings? Your wedding party can help out big time. Remember that the people at your wedding are there to celebrate you, so they get the wedding day jitters you may feel. 

The top wedding trends in signs and decor for 2023 offer numerous ways for you to customize your big day. Stay ahead of the pack and think outside the box to create the dream wedding everyone will be talking and posting about. When in doubt, consult with EventRoostr and check out rental and purchase options from After years of limiting ourselves, 2023 offers the real chance to go big and go bold. So take the opportunity and enjoy planning your dream wedding!